Teaching English to Adult Learners
Developing Oral Fluency in the Secondary English
Language Classroom


This interactive, experiential course has been specifically designed for English Language teachers who work with adult learners who want to update and expand both their teaching ideas and their own knowledge and use of English. Course participants will need at least an Upper Intermediate level of English (B2). The 2 week course comprises 35 hours of classroom tuition and excursions to places of interest. For teachers interested in working in a multi-partner school project in which the working language is English, this course is a good starting point and potentially a good place to meet partner teachers from different countries. In this context the training can support your school’s European Development Plan.

    Programme Includes
  • Accommodation with a homestay host (bed, breakfast, packed lunch, evening meal each day)
  • Met by your homestay host on arrival in Exeter
  • Bus pass for all local travel in the Exeter area
  • 35 hours training over 2 weeks
  • Course content tailored to each group
  • Course content may be negotiated in advance by a group organiser
  • Town tour of Exeter on first Monday afternoon
  • Guided excursions to places of local cultural significance
  • Assistance with completing your Europass Mobility documents
  • Attendance certificate
    Classroom sessions feature:
  • Personal language development sessions
  • Language acquisition theories
  • Classroom language and teacher talk
  • Learning styles and motivational strategies
  • Practical ideas for developing speaking and listening skills
  • Practical ideas for developing reading and writing skills
  • Creating and evaluating engaging materials
  • Easy-to-use internet resources
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • The British education system and comparisons to other cultures
  • Developing students’ thinking skills
  • A collaborative course task
    Who is this course for?
  • IPC’s TEAL course is for teachers who work with learners over 18 years of age.
  • IPC’s TEAL course is for teachers who want to update and expand both their teaching ideas and their own knowledge and use of English.
  • IPC’s TEAL course is for teachers who enjoy working in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment.
  • IPC’s TEAL course is for teachers who would like to meet colleagues from other countries in Europe to set up partnerships for example.
  • IPC’s TEAL course is for teachers who have a minimum English level of Upper Intermediate (B2), so they can fully exploit not only their course but their time in Exeter.
  • IPC’s TEAL course is for teachers who are seeking to maintain student engagement and keep their students in education.
    Supporting Your School’s European Development Plan
  • This course supports staff (continuing) professional development in terms of
    • Improving linguistic competence.
    • Enhancing professional skills, knowledge e.g. awareness of/application of new/unfamiliar student-centred teaching approaches/methods.
  • This course provides teachers (a school) with the opportunity to initiate school partnerships to enhance the on-going learning experience of pupils/students/learners.
  • Participating staff will become more interculturally aware through meeting colleagues from other countries as well as being in the United Kingdom.
  • Participating teachers will gain knowledge of the British and colleagues’ education systems.
  • IPC has been delivering quality teacher training courses since 1993 and is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK. IPC can help in the planning stage of your staff mobility project by for example arranging accommodation, assisting with travel arrangements (and completion of Europass Mobility documentation during your staff mobility project).
  • Organisations will gain a more European/international perspective/profile.
  • Organisations will benefit from teachers integrating their experience(s) into their school/local community.
    What happens on a TEAL course?
    Working with your trainer(s) and fellow course participants:
  • You will have opportunities to discuss factors which influence your teaching situation.
  • You will experience a variety of learning activities first hand, allowing you to develop a greater understanding of different methodologies as well as giving you practical teaching ideas to use in your classroom.
  • You will work on ideas which motivate your learners, but do not require much preparation time.
  • There will be opportunities to develop/improve/refresh your own English skills and knowledge.
  • You will have an opportunity to explore the local area, with an IPC guide on escorted trips to places of interest – experience language in its cultural and social setting.
  • You will put course content into practice by delivering a course task with a colleague or colleagues to your fellow course participants – experiment with something new.

How should I prepare for a course?
To help you get the most from participating on your TEAL course you will be advised how to prepare for your course. To consolidate your TEAL course upon your return home you will be advised how you can follow up your course.

Sample Programme

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